Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just a Country Gal

Well here it is ... I'm a Country Gal now.

I've learned that a white wire means ... the wire will bite you and make you yelp. I learned that the Grannma is sneaky when it comes to baths [I hate baths].

I learned that the BIG animals with big ears and mules and donkeys are dangerous and that the pony Little Richard is harmless and likes dogs.

I like to run in the fresh morning dew and knock Morris down. I like to watch as the Grannma picks beans.
By the way, Morris 'eats' raw green beans, he stole some out of the pickin' bucket.

We had a lazy day yesterday, the Grannma wasn't feeling too good. We didn't get out to play in the woods, but we did play frisbee.

Well, Morris played frisbee and I chased him and knocked him down ... he really rolls quite well if you give him a body block.
He hit the gravel driveway just a rollin' ...and came back up and ran around the house.

The first time I chased him around.
He he..the second time I waited ... when he came around the house again, I decked him.

He squeaked and growled.
Well it is nap time. I'm going to use the recliner and Morris has the couch.

Yep, dogs rule!


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Teslin in one lucky pup. Your son is a lucky pup too to have you taking such care of Tessy who's obviously having the time of his life. Morris is going to miss him...time for another dog. HA.

  2. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Her. Yes I caught that.
    Prem was NOWHERE to be found when I got home from my treatment this morning. She finally showed up around 2:30 looking like she'd been having the time of her life hunting a long way from home. She doesn't know about the coyotes. I bet she does this every day while I'm at work. Worry.


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