Sunday, August 03, 2008

Teslin--one week...

I've been here at the farm for one week.

I've stopped looking for mom and dad's car to come and get me.

Morris and I are getting along famously now! Yesterday was the best ever day in a doggy's life.
I got some Little Richard 'apples'! Yum! We grabbed them and took them behind the big round hay bales.
Then Morris and I played on the round bales...the Grannma had to help him up!

After a romp in the yard we went with the Grannma for a LONG walk in the woods. I found all sorts of trees to climb on.

We followed the Grannma while she was 'making a new trail' for smaller mules to get over big downed trees. I don't understand the whole thing, she was cutting up berry briers and other nasties.

We also wrestled in the yard for a while...but after we came in ... we were both so exhausted that we couldn't hardly move. Following the Grannma in the heat is SO tough on dogs!

Morris was not in a mood to wrestle the rest of the day. He was a grouch.

Last night both Morris and I took over the Grannma's bed. When the Grannma came to sleep she had to squeeze in between us.
I protected the Grannma feets..
Morris protected the Grannma head..

This morning we didn't even get up when the Grannma and the Granpa did.

One last note...I like Morris's food much better than mine. For the past 3 days I've been eating at least 4 times a day as long as it is Morris food. His little nibblets are very yummy.
Mom...Dad, if you come get me, I want Morris food!

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