Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Wildcat Day

We sure do have fun when we go riding together at Wildcat Mountain in Ontario, WI. I'm having elbow surgery tomorrow morning so we wanted to get another ride in before I was grounded for rehab and recovery.

Of course I picked Badger to take, my big beautiful quiet mule and Rich decided to ride Mrs. Bickerson aka Opal. Normally Opal is a mule with an attitude, but yesterday Mrs. Bickerson could have had her name changed to 'Sweetie Pie'.
We talked about calling the vet.

It was hot humid and hazy, but nice and cool in the woods, ...a perfect day!

We rode for hours and hours. The scenery was pretty breathless as usual. But the best time to photograph Wildcat is early in the spring or late in the fall. Then you can see all the rock outcroppings and you can see far from the scenic outlooks!
Our picnic was simple
Trail Mix Chex
...and a must

Most of the ride was quiet, not much talking as we enjoy the ride and enjoy looking at the scenery.
We got into some good 'rough' stuff and that made it more interesting for our mules. By the end of the day both Opal and Badger were dragging their tails into camp. They were a bit footsore as they'd been trimmed last week and the rocks in Wildcat can be hard on fresh trimmed feet.

If I was to ride that quite often, I'd look into pads for their feet.
But the ride was a delight.
The ferns were gorgeous

The lunch perfect

And the company...wonderful...

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