Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Quiet

I awakened this morning, realizing that it was getting too quiet outside my bedroom window. I hadn't heard the robin song in a couple of mornings.
I could identify only one wren and a cardinal. Otherwise, the birds were not singing in abundance.

This makes me sad, and it is ONLY August. I love to listen to the birds in the morning. I love the mourning dove's call, the scolding of the house wren, and the happy songs of the robins --our state bird.

When the birds begin to migrate I feel a deep sense of loss within. As though I'm missing something from deep within.

At this very moment, I can hear the crickets, and some cicadas, but the yard ... it is too quiet.

I see the humming birds are still around feeding on my flowers and the feeder.

The Orioles have already moved away after hatching their fledglings and as soon as they are ready...they begin to move south.
I miss their songs also.

Some of the sumac is begining to turn in places. It makes me think of fall.

I like fall, but this summer has been so beautiful, I'm going to dislike greatly the change of seasons greatly.

Well, I'm heading off to meet up with the pony club folks and have some fun with them this evening.
This will be the first time most of them have ever met a mule.

Of course the Mule Ambassador, Badger will be going....

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