Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun at Pony Club

I had an enjoyable evening going to the Pony Club to watch and ride with the kids last night.
It was supposed to be a 'little' practice and a little trail ride.
So I saddled up Badger and rode down a 'farming lane' to get to the place where the kids practiced.

The parents and kids alike were fascinated by Badger. Of course they wanted to know WHY I left a halter on Badger when I rode.

I amused the group of jumpers greatly by jumping Badger 'in hand' over the very same obstacle shown in the video below. Badger did the 'standing' mule jump...the kids wanted me to *do it again VAL!*...

*Hurray Badger!*
*Mom I want a mule!*

Once again he was Mule Ambassador.
However ... on the ride down this twisted ridge road...we did come upon a black faced sheep, who surely was going to eat Mr. Mule. The darned sheep sounded more like a burping monster than any sheep I've ever heard.

Perhaps that is why Badger was so cautious. We sure did have a blast and the ride home was beautiful...through the dark woods and then into a field of clover, Queen Anne's Lace, ragweed, and goldenrod.

The skies were bright blue and the August summer's eve was perfect.

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