Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wet Feet...

I put on snowshoes thinking they'd help me from falling through the deep WET snow. Wrong. The snow clogged up and it felt like I had lead on my feet.
Carrying the snowshoes proved to be a chore as they kept getting in the way. After slip sliding down a very step hillside and spending many moments on my rear end...I made it to the creek bottom where I could hear water running.

Our January thaw had begun! I had a tripod and camera in a backpack. Filters in my pockets, and of course the .22 pistol on my belt. I was 'armed' for 'shooting' intent was to achieve a silky smooth photo of running water.
The snow posed a problem even with an overcast sky. The reflection of white from the snow and the water has perplexed me for a while.
Until I did some research and discovered that it was perfectly acceptable to 'stack' filters on the lens to 'neutralize' the light so that I could take a timed photo!

Before I left I fiddled with my FujiFinePix digital and found that I could preset it at Fstop 9 and preset the exposure to 2 seconds.
Well well.
Armed with all this I'd slogged through wet melting knee deep snow...[oh yeah and when I slipped down the hill with snow shoes...I got my feet crossed...that is when they came OFF!]...I was ready to achieve great things. Ok, try to achieve something I'd been trying to do for quite a while now.

Well I found the secret.
Stay away from lots of snow!
Stack filters.
Experiment with the length of exposures.
And get your feet wet!

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