Saturday, January 26, 2008

Play Time

Last weekend it was severely cold utterly cold that they advised people NOT to go out, not to drive, but to stay home. If you were to go out, the weather service advised that people actually wear of all things: a hat and gloves.
Well, I did go outside. I wore hat, mittens--doub
le mittens [ones made by my Grandma Lind!], a scarf, coveralls, and a windbreaker over the coveralls.
I had tried a face mask but all it did was take my breath and freeze the moisture on my glasses.

However, I recalled an old trick from a runner's magazine published years ago, that advised putting vaseline on your face to prevent windburn. Ick. But it does help. And your face doesn't feel like raw meat after the outside trek.

Of course I ended up in the creek bottom, but this time I had 'film' in the camera, not like the day before. I am so pleased with my film photos. Tickled beyond believe when I looked at them. I'd used an old Pentax K1000 manual camera with a 8--200mm lens and did all the manual exposures and compensations for the snow and the sunlight!
I was truly fascinated by the sparkles in the snow. This weekend is supposed to be much warmer, so I'm going to get back out and take Mr. Morris for some exercise.
Recess has begun!
Below are the way our young mules deal with the cold weather!
Enjoy! Oh ... there is music added to the video...haha!

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