Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks Dad...

I just had this roll of film developed. Yes 'film'. It was too cold last weekend to take my digital camera [the larger one] out to take photos of the woods. I had to depend on my brains and what my dad had taught me about exposures and reflections of snow. I had one shot that did not come out the way I wanted it too. Not bad for an old Pentax K1000. Someone on Flickr commented that the Pentax K1000 was the 'tank' of film cameras.
I also need to thank dad for instilling creativity in me.
This week I have to do a speech for school. We had to post the titles for our speeches on the discussion board.
Our teacher had suggested we use a hobby or a passion of ours to 'do the speech' with. And I picked photography. My Title is: Take Your Best Shot.

My fellow classmates are posting things like~ Blood Pressure and You
Creative thinking and writing came from Dad. It will help me get through my presentation. Not only that, I had to round up 5 adults to use as an audience. They will be scanned into my video of my speech. When I called up some neighbors to inquire if they would help me out...they found out the topic and said yes, of course they would come!

So I have two very good reasons to thank my dad. His passion for photography has passed on, and his creative flair is helping me!
Love you dad.

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  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Using the "tank" really shows your skill as a true photographer...yep...thanks Dad for giving us a great Val.