Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fighting Boredom and Grey Skies

This morning I heard some Hawaiian music on the radio for some advertisement. Oh how it struck my heart strings.

Especially since it is -5 degrees outside. I thought of sunny beaches and the sound of the surf...and how the last time I was there with my dad, it seemed like time stood still for us.

In fact I took a mental inventory of my cameras and thought how I'd pack them all--film and digital. Of course I'd have to add my notebook computer. Where would I go? Oh that is easy. I would finally make the hike to the volcanoe...I'd take night shots of the flow.

I'd finally visit the north side of the BIG Island and take that mule ride down to the beach. When I mentioned this to my oldest boy a couple of weeks ago, he and his wife said they'd go too. But thier interest lay in scuba diving. My interests lay in the photographs.

Yes, I'm working on saving for this trip. Now if I can split some housing with the kids...well that would be okay too. But Hawaii keeps nagging me back in my mind. I've gotten sidetracked with school and some other things...

Okay, so everyone has dreams. This morning in the dull grey Wisconsin morning, this was the dream I held close to me. It may be selfish, but at least it is my very own.


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I understand completely. Warm fragrant breezes are calling to me also. My bro still lives there and just HAS to report on the trade winds and lovely skies. Darn. I could use a trip there as well without the minus temps. Color. All that color.

  2. Well then we need to go together Niki