Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Lover...

I'm supposed to do an informative speech for my next task in my Speech Class. A week or so ago I posted my Introductory Speech--Speech! Speech!-- I am happy to say that I got 100% on it! I take that as a good sign.

Our instructions are to use an attention grabbing statement. I'll give you my attention grabber and see if you like it...

"I have a lover, she can make me forget time. She can cause me to get lost with her, she makes me a worshiper of weather, nature, the sky, and the woods. She can make me go out in rainstorms and snowstorms—she can amaze me and she humbles me.

‘She’ is a camera."

This is just the rough draft to my opening statement. But I look at it, and it really is true. My thinking is...this oughta grab 'em!

Below is my road as I came home tonight....

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