Saturday, November 03, 2007

What Dreams Are???

Dreams are often entertaining or have some strange meaning. Between school and continual storm clean up, I haven't been able to go riding much since August. I've been able to steal away a few precious rides, but not near enough to satisfy my 'riding cravings'. So....

Last night I dreamt we decided to go riding and we all had to pick out Breyer horses to ride!
We got on our Breyer horses and two of the folks that were with us had --- run a ways!
They must have gotten hurt badly because we couldn't find them or their horses, so we called the rescue squad.
Here comes the good part.
We searched the 'house' because it was a big house...and found the 'Breyer riders' laying in a closet with their Breyer horses.
Boy, now if that wasn't bad enough, the EMT turned to me and wanted to know why I called Rescue for plastic people.

Dreams do NOT make sense.
But I'm not riding any Breyers soon, they were way too wild!
BTW, the Breyer riders came out of it, and we found the horses in another closet...and one under the bed. [I think the Dust Bison, got it]

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