Monday, November 26, 2007

Memories of a kid...

Yes the cute one in the back of the wagon is me. Of course I want you to note that the 'hat' has not really changed in all these years. I still favor ugly hats with ear flaps. Amazing.
In the first photo we were pretending to drive the wagon, I think. We used to tie a rope to the handle and try to steer it while someone pushed.
Not always a really good way to steer, but hey we were kids and anything goes at that age.
That may possibly be the same red wagon that got multiple coats of paint over the years. I know from the backround that the photo was taken on Grandpa Lind's farm. Well, the farm he used to have anyway. I think it belonged to his son by the time the photo was taken.

I can remember having conversations with my brother and sister ...
*What do you want to be when you grown up?*
My answer was always of some sort of the same:
*I want to be a cowboy.*
*I want to be a soldier.*
*I want to be a knight.*
I think my brother would be kind enough to point out that I couldn't be those things because I was a girl. Girls couldn't be cowboys. And probably in the very early 1960's, girls couldn't be soldiers either. And knights didn't exist anymore.
Of course, being a child, I was blind to that fact and insisted on being one or the other when I grew up.
I am severely disappointed--I didn't grow up to be a knight.
But I suppose Badger, my mule is relieved.

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