Friday, November 02, 2007

Sitting out by myself...

Thursday night I sat by the bonfire of broken trees while the sun lowered itself into the November night. I moved closer to the fire as the temperatures dropped. Morris snuggled in close to me ... I'm sure he did it to protect me from the Hoot Owl that was calling in the woods not far away.
There wasn't much to ponder, as it was...I just sat and stared into the flickering flames and embers. Once in a while there would be a loud pop and Morris would be startled.
I watched the sky turn from oranges to deep purples and a black violet color dotted with stars.
Very peaceful. I wanted to stretch out there and not go back in the house.
The flames mesmerized me. I think I could have stayed there and let my mind wander for hours.
I mentioned to my hubby when I went in if perhaps when the 'kids' come to visit, if we should have a little campfire.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I wish I was there too! Sounds wonderful. Sooo...being you're outdoors at night go get your binoculars and look below Casiapia to see the comet. It's spectacular. Big round fuzzy green spot with a yellow center.

  2. Oh goodness where is Casiapia???
    Not outdoors tonight, horrid winds!


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