Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Walmart Wizard..not...

MMMM, my monitor which is a CRT monitor of old keeps changing colors. After much discussion and research I found a LCD 19" flat panel monitor of Dell's at our local Walmart. It will offer me more desk space and hubby a big screen view of things when he uses the internet.
While I was in the Walmart [I could have ordered from Dell direct, but it was $4 cheaper at Wally World and there was no shipping charges], Mr. Walmart Wizard of computers comes by to see if I needed help.
So of course I was curious as to his knowledge.
He thought I should by the same monitor for the same price built by a company that had poor reviews.
I do my homework.
His reasoning was ... why give Dell the $? Ah, duh, I thought I was shopping at Walmart.

He showed me the 1501 Inspirion Notebook and then proceeded to tell me I couldn't get it any cheaper any where else.
I don't think he liked it when I said, "Oh sure I can. I order direct from Dell, get the same components with XP OS...and a better optical drive, and pay $200 less!"
To which he said there were no computers built with Windows XP anymore.

I said, "Perhaps if you work in the computer section, you ought to research your products. Dell offers this Notebook with XP...and at a better price."

I winked and left.
I like being an informed consumer.
Mr. Wizard didn't....

But that is why he still works at Walmart after all!
[no offense to anyone employed there...okay?]


  1. Ha ha! Good for you, friend. I hate it when computer geeks act like they know everything about everything (and I'm a computer geek but I don't act that way!). Glad you put him in his place.

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Good job! You showed him that women afer a certain age are a force to contend with!