Monday, November 05, 2007

Be Happy...

Life is good when you can get up in the morning and grab your favorite mule and with a 'leg up' from hubby, go for a quick spin in the fresh cold Wisconsin air. I consider myself terribly lucky. I was able to ride the ridgetop. I stopped with Badger and overlooked the expanse of sky and enjoyed the cold fresh air on my face.
Something unique happens while riding.
The worries of the world drop away.
Everything seems a bit brighter.
Everything seems a bit more alive.

Of course when that hen pheasant flew out of the tall grass next to us, I 'spooked' as my mule went stiff legged.
That broke all the tension from work and school up...
I became very happy. I trotted and loped my mule out to the tobacco shed and then back home. I was all smiles when I got back.
And I really didn't want to get off.
Can't I just stay here all day...pleeeeezeee????
Oh well, I'm happy!


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Great shot!! I am filled with envy. Even if I could ride Dinah like that I'm restricted from all riding until after healing up. I live vicariously through this picture. Good for you. Aw...

  2. I consider you lucky, too. :) I'm so jealous. I wish I could go riding with you one day. What a treat that would be!


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