Sunday, November 25, 2007

Midterms = hard work!

I soooo want to finish up with this midterm week! It ends today, er tonight. I have 130 coding scenerios to do for extra credit. I don't consider it extra credit, I consider it exercises to help me learn. I've been doing 40 problems a day. Talk about eye strain!
I finished my Critical Thinking class and took my exam, not bad...[puff of chest], I got a 96 out of 100. But it was multiple guess so how could I really mess up?
I took my coding exam--whew. It could have been very difficult if I haven't done all the exercises in our textbook and all the ones in our 'workout' book. Half of the problems in the test were ones I've already done! Yipee!
So now I have to bury my nose in 5 books to finish up the extra credit assignment so I can turn it in by midnight.

I'm thinking many of my classmates won't get this finished as it is a tremendous effort---> and most of my classmates don't open a book until they have 48 hrs to finish their week's assignment. I work hard at it ... and yes I gave up all outside activities this week to do this. Thanksgiving was just another day for 'coding'.

I would have been further along had I not had a colonoscopy earlier this week. Yes, everything went fine, but the knock out drug they give you had me out of it from Tuesday's procedure through Wednesday night late.

Okay, back to coding!!!
As soon as I'm done with that...I'm starting Xmas 'decorates' around here!

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