Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Walk

Taking a walk on a cold November day is my idea of fun. It isn't an ordinary walk like some people do. My walks are more like hikes with adventures. When I hike along I'm looking for things...observations that need to be made. I can sometimes stop and sit by a 4" waterfall and listen to its music. I may stop to look at a weed. And recall that in September it was glowing with golden colors, while now it was faded to white.
I notice where the sun is at this time of year. I've been watching its pattens over the past 10 years so that I can tell when Winter Solstice is to arrive ... and the sun will begin its trek back across the sky.
It is the little details that interest me. The green blade of grass encased in ice. The foot prints of many animals on the sandy banks of the creek.
Or the story the forest tells me of the windstorm that came through in August. Fungi now frozen until spring's thaw. Plants that have wilted to the ground to lie in wait for the warm weather.
No, my walks are never boring, never anything less than relaxing and good for clearing the mind.
I need to leave my schoolbooks more often.

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