Monday, November 12, 2007

The Tin Can War

This is very very scary, if you see this deranged looking person anywhere in your vicinity, please fast and far.

I spent part of Saturday target shooting in our creek bottom with my oldest son and his wife. Of course I 'posed' for this shot [the pistol is empty and doesn't even have a clip in it]...goofing off. Joy and I wear the ear 'muffs' to deaden the sound of their .45, and the two shot guns. The 'muffs' didn't exactly fit my Elmer Fudd hat well. I think that is apparent in the photo!

The Tin Can War:
We faced off the tin cans with an arsenal of firearms. My favorite being the .22 caliber rifle and my pistol.
The Cans lined up menacingly on the dirt creek bank. They glistened with all their silver glory just leering at us. I'm sure I could hear them shouting obscenities at us...
I was sure one of them called me a foul name.
I was sure they were gathering for an attack.
One can never be sure of sneaky Tin Cans lurking in the woodlands.
Lucky we had come armed as we did. Or the Tin Can War could have ended tragically.
A super hero showed up in camo and blasted the rest of them away...the ones that had been circling to attack!
Yep, we won, hands down. The Tin Cans were rounded up finally and sent to the recycling bin. A hard battle had been won.

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