Thursday, November 22, 2007


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone out there who is on their computers! Our day is going to be very quiet which is nice!!! We are just having supper with our mother in law and the sister in law. I'll 'suffer' through the meal with SIL, listening to all the profound knowledge she has to offer.
She learns everything she knows by watching Dr. Phil and Oprah. Hmmm, very knowlegable!!!
Ask her about computers!!! She knows, by golly you can buy them on Home Shopping Network. You can get a Vista Computer very cheap.
Snort snort snort...she couldn't find the on/off switch on the vacuum cleaner, so how could she operate a computer? Ah, but she knows all about them from TV!

Thank goodness for midterms this week and a huge stack of homework to get done. I can beg off from staying all day and get home to peace and quiet, listen to TSO, and do my homework.
I suppose I could ask SIL to help me with my homework, after all she gives me medical advice all of the time.

Ok, I shouldn't be saracastic, this is Thanksgiving and I am really greatful that I have a wonderful family. Though, I'd much rather be spending the time with my son, his wife, my youngest son [his daughter], and my hubby's daughter [who won't make it this year because of a nasty flu bug].

I do like my relatives, but as with everything, in moderation.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends.

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