Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lookin' Good

Originally uploaded by Xena~.
This mule is traveling to California in a week or so. He gets a new owner -- and I think we made a good fit. He is full of character and offers more than just being a MULE.
He will comfort you when you are down. He will make you think you are the only human in the whole world that matters.
He will also be a wonderful mount.

Patchy, you are a wonder. I am going to miss you, but you are going to a great new owner.
Baby, you are Lookin' Good!

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  1. Not sure on if the email I have for you is the right one, but I have sent you a note telling you that I have chosen you as my pick of the week and asking for permission to use your photos and access to your flickr photos to put in my write up. Please email me.

    PS. How's the shoulder