Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rainy days make for creativity

Today is one of those Ho-hum spring rainy days that promise that nothing very exciting is going to happen. Except perhaps if the rain lets up and we go to town and I get to the craft department at Walmart. Yesterday I made a rythm bead 'necklace' for Badger my mule. These are adorned with very small bells spaced evenly on it. The theory is that as he trots, they will gently jingle and give him a cadance while we are riding endurance.

Years ago I used plain old cheap brass bells on Cheyenne because she was afraid of traffic noise and I thought this would distract her. It worked so well that I rarely went anywhere without the bells.

Now I'm designing a beaded bell attachment just for the center of the breast collar, and trying to figure out how to 'bead' the browband of the headstall.

My purpose in all of this? Be creative and have fun.
I'm also looking into a costume -- gypsy-like to wear...

My poor husband thinks I've gone over the edge.
Nah, just plain having fun.


  1. For us, we just don't have those typical rainy days. We have those typical lightening, thunder, tornado kind of days. A storm cell passed through our area and from what I've read it killed about 14 people (I think in Tennessee).

  2. Ouch Liz! You guys are okay though?

  3. So when are we going to get to see these beautiful beads?