Saturday, April 15, 2006

Boy did I mess up.

You know there are some days when the stupid fairy just comes along and taps you upside the head?
Yeah, she did that to me today. I got on a mule in the yard that had never been ridden bareback. Why? Cuz. I didn't think he'd do anything. Next thing I knew I was hitting the dirt with my left shoulder and rolling.
Oh sweet jimminy the pain. Oh was I mad at me. When I could finally stand, I could not raise my left arm period.
Hubby was unhappy. I was hurt. I went inside to change out of my 'dirt dart' clothes and found that I had really done it, I could barely change my jeans.
I could've undone all the past 6 wks worth of work in one blessed second? We'll see, icing and resting.
I am so ashamed.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Val. I sure hope you didn't make your shoulder worse. Get lots of rest and do your exercises.