Monday, April 17, 2006

Listen to your body

I should be listening to my body, gee I don't know why. I had my boss, a chiropractor give me an orthopedic test and his conclusion was that I severly strained the muscles in my already very weak arm -- that I was really gaining strength on.

My fear was that I had torn the rotator cuff.
The day is sunny, hubby is coming to get me soon. I want to go out and ride...yeah like he'd let me. I'd like to go out and shoot pictures of all the beautiful spring things happening in the woods...huh...

Perhaps I ought to just listen to my body and take it easy for the day. Tomorrow I meet with my PT dude. Boy am I going to catch hell! I know that.

Thank goodness for vicodine. It takes the horrible edge off and allows me to 'think' I can function normally--except for when I reach for something.

Well here's to spring, here's to getting healed up quick like...and here's to listening to your body and your husband [who will probably tie me down today]

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