Monday, April 10, 2006


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Met with the surgeon's PA today for follow up, now 6 weeks after my surgical 'manipulation'. I've worked hard and diligently in PT to get strength and motion back to normal.

As of today, I still cannot hold my hand above my head,nor put my arm [left], or left hand behind my back.

The PA did mention that for some people that amount of mobility that I 'did' have would be okay for them.

I could have smacked him, but he then looked at my face and said--'perhaps, not for you'. I replied that I consistantly needed my arms to go above my head, I was not an inactive slob who watched TV and ate bon-bons!

I wanted to know if this was all I was going to get, or was continued physical therapy going to help?

He said--No. I had reached Maximum Improvement and that a second procedure may have to be done and that orthroscopy would be done at the same time to break up the rest of the lesions and scars in my left shoulder.

I agreed to the consultation.
I am not pleased about it.
Yet I want to be able to pursue my heartfelt passions.

It is a gorgeous day and the sun is shining. I think I'll go hug my mule...and dog.


  1. Yes, what's ok for one person is certainly NOT ok for everyone. And you know what you're happy with, Val, and I'd say follow through with it until you're satisfied with your healing. :) It sucks that you have to go through it all again (probably) but in the long run I think it will be worth it for you.

  2. I appreciate the kind thoughts Rachel. Hubby and I thought with the progress I have shown and the more mobility I can get...I will heal quicker!
    Let's keep the fingers crossed.