Monday, April 03, 2006

Long long day

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Awake before dawn.

Another trip to Lacrosse to see a doctor who specializes in genetics. I am in a study--research group that will look at my genetic workup and see if I have the screwed up genes that cause cancer.

Interestingly enough I also mentioned to the genetic doctor that I needed to make an appt to have something looked at.

He got on the phone and got me in to see a breast cancer surgeon within an hour. Dr J spoke with me, felt the suspicious area. Within minutes I was in a whirlwind of mammography, ultrasound, and then a biopsy.
Yeah this one sucked big time. I was terrified until I saw the doctors, then suddenly I felt an inner calm.
Talk about wierd.
The worst part was the huge 'core sampler' he used to take his biopsy. I was numb, but seeing that big arsed needle --- just was something.

So what did I do? When we stopped in Walmart tonite to pick up a fuel filter for mother in law's car...I picked up a beading kit.
Tonite I made a beaded choker to match my mules rythm beads.

I'm so tired. I'm sure it is okay. But you worry until you hear one way or another.

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  1. Good gracious, Val. You've sure had your share of medical problems this year. :( Shoot, MORE than your share I'd say.

    I'm sure this is going to turn out fine. Everything will be ok. :)