Thursday, April 06, 2006

Getting Better Each Day

April seems to be agreeing with me. Yesterday the PT folks said I was very close to being 'discharged'--which means either my insurance won't pay for more...or I am getting better. I still don't have the full motion that I want to have.
I can't put my hand behind my back all of the way. I cannot take my left arm and put it straight up in the air without help from my other is still weak and I have pain when I over do it...but I am SO much better.
Being 55% is much better than what I had before which was Zilch.

I worked with my young mule last night. Pedro is his name. I hate his name. It was hubby's turn to name the foal when he was born. I won't change his name, but perhaps add on to it so that I have a 'decent' and interesting name for him....
He is a pretty cool mule though and he is growing on me!

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