Thursday, April 11, 2019

Found things

I was going to show off my Infrared photos from our little get away, but instead I got busy looking through the boxes of 'stuff' my cousin gave me. She said no one was really interested in most of the stuff and did I want to look through it?
Sure. I mean, what kind of junk or treasures would I find?

I sorted things out here and there laying them out to look at odd things. Mixed in with Sewing Machine parts for a pedal Singer Sewing Machine and some odd thimbles I found this.
Curious. I was more interested in the advertising on the hook. But I couldn't find any info, so I started digging some more and came up with a 'Shoe Hook' or button hook.

People actually collect these things?

So I set up some thimbles and wooden thread spools.

I can recall playing stack the wooden spools as a kid. We kept them and reused them for all sorts of things.

Instruction books for the Singer No. 27, a rubber belt for the machine, bobbins, a sewing foot, and another book of instructions. The book with the No. 27 is dated November 9, 1896.
The ads on the belt are circa 1918, the year my father was born.

Photo Master? The back of it is unique and has two view holes in it. I've looked it up, doubt it works, but it is possible this was made in the 1940's.

Even the Needle holder I got was interesting in that is was an ad for Gambles...

Inside are nickel plated needles with gold eyes. I imagine these were given away when the men folk bought paint for the house to keep the wife happy?
I don't really know, but I found all of this pretty fascinating.

The advertising on the sewing belt was neat also.

I'm sure the belt is no good to anyone, but I find the ads pretty neat. Advertising has been around forever hasn't it?

There are some other things I found but I'll address them at another time.


  1. That is a great button hook! I enjoyed seeing all the old stuff and that camera:)

    1. I thought you would appreciate it! I learned to sew on those sewing machines as I am sure you may have too!

  2. I've always been fascinated with finding old stuff.I used to collect coins and had a metal detector. I look for old things at tag sales and whatnot. It almost feels like you are traveling through time if you use your imagination.