Monday, November 30, 2015

Annual Christmas Photos ~ by Morris

I try my best to hide in my crate or pretend I am having an extreme nap session on the couch.
Alas, each year, she drags out all sorts of boxes and bags and begins the annual Christmas decorating.

Does she not know that this disrupts my life?  At first I think she is packing to go somewhere.  So I get worried.
Then I realize it is the Christmas thing that she is doing.  Out comes ribbons and ornaments and that old chair.  The living room becomes a disaster area.

Eventually that time comes.
She stands back after she puts everything back and then grabs her camera.

Out comes the red scarf.  Every year, the very same ... red scarf. There is only one time a year I wear that scarf.
And that is when she is going to attempt to take my photo in front of the tree, or the old chair, or well...whatever.

Her first attempt in 2005.  I sat on that old recliner she covered up with cloth ... 

2012: We both gave up and I just laid down and took a nap.  She'd taken the scarf off.

2013: I was cooperative.

2014: We tried something new.

This year she put the Christmas Chair in a different spot and we spent quite a time doing the ... "try and get a good pose" thing.

I sort of liked it because I kept getting pieces of dog cookie.

Oh wait, this picture is no good because the label of the scarf is showing and everything behind is all wonky. But the treat was good.

Then she pulled the scarf off.  I kept watching to see if she'd give me another treat.

The LED lights tossed off a blue cast of lights and the living room lamp tossed off yellow light.  She said things were not going the way she wanted to.
But I kept posing, even if I didn't have the scarf.

She finally gave up and decided to go with the flash and fix my eyes afterwards. She said they turned a funny color because of the flash.

Well there you go.  It took lots of work, but I think she might have...may have...maybe .... got the photo she wanted.  With the red scarf no less.

However, I am willing to try it again as I really love working for cookies.

Now she is saying that she isn't sure about this last shot.  She might have to do a 'do over'.
Good.  I hope she gets those treats out and we give it another whirl.

She is a sucker for a good photo and I'm a sucker for a good treat!

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