Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Afternoon Jaunt

After my big adventure over the weekend, I ached for some more fresh air and hiking.
I like to hike.

I put together a few things and off Morris and I went.  Hubby went to take a nap and said he wanted me to wake him up in about an hour and a half.

I marched down the ridge road to the creek and started up our dry run.  It didn't seem to be much of a challenge after my last adventure with the kids.  However I did climb all the way to the ridge across mossy rocks and boulders.

Each year it seems another tree falls into the dry run.  There was a bit of crawling and scrambling to get through.  Morris however, took the easy way and followed a deer trail right above me.
I'm sure he wondered what was wrong with me.

This old oak will probably go with the next huge gully washer.  It has been hanging on for years and I am amazed that it is still upright.

We got to the edge of our land and watched through the trees as a huge combine picked corn.  

It is that time of year again, when photography in the woods feels pretty mundane and boring.
The landscape is not beautiful.
So I am going to try and find some photographic inspiration somehow.

Perhaps I'll have to dig into my black and white 'magic pouch' and see if I can come up with something worth looking at.

All in all, I hiked at least one mile with a change of elevation of 200 ft, which makes for a nice workout.
We found some deer trails, but nothing heavily used enough to clear the leaves off the path.

Morris and I made it home in time to wake up hubby and get chores done.

I found some wild parsnip and sauteed them in pesto sauce.  Wow, was that ever good!

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