Friday, November 27, 2015

No we didn't

...skip Thanksgiving.

We just had a quiet early dinner with my mother in law, some nice home made pie, dressing, corn, and chicken.

It was delicious and we sat around with no TV going and enjoyed each other's company and just visited.

The rain kept coming down outside.  This morning the weather service said we'd had over an inch of rain in our area.

Well that makes things quite muddy.

So this morning we slept in and got up when we felt like it.

I have a couple of things I should pick up in town and an errand for my mother in law.  After we finish chores hubby will probably go hunting while I take care of errands and then make deliveries.

When I get back from that I'm going to do some extremely exciting things.

Like clean the house and drag out some decorations.

I've already created my Christmas cards on line and they will be ready for pick up next week.

I've already ordered one Christmas gift and am pondering what to get for the others.  

I'm not a black Friday shopper and I don't get into all of the crowds and crazy shopping.

I got some things dragged out and some cleaning done.  But man am I worn out.


  1. A nice low-key dinner is just right. There is too much hype and pressure about the holidays. i hope you enjoyed yours and you can get out for some fun stuff soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Boy, you have been having some weather out there! It looks like you have a large you ever have to bring your horses and mules in when it gets super bad? I can't wait to follow your remodeling project...yes, you will really enjoy that porch you are talking about. Thanksgiving back here needs to be toned down in the future...too much food. Glad that you have had a chance to slow down a little bit (at least once in awhile).

  3. Lori, the animals have never been stalled or put inside. They will go into the deeper sections of the woods and stay on hillsides out of the wind and protected by the land around them.
    The only time we bring anyone in is if they are ill and need treatment.


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