Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hopefully it isn't too late in the season to start the remodel project, we finally got our closing date!

I know that Kurt had said we'd have to wait until spring for the front porch cement to be poured.  I just hope that it isn't going to be too late in the year for the other work to be done.

I know I am looking forward to that new porch.  It will be so nice to sit on it in the mornings and have coffee while watching over the critters.

In truth I'm probably letting my imagination get ahead of me here.

I'm looking forward to a new entry way also.  Hard to imagine what the finished part of it will look like.

Okay, probably not this either.

We will close on the financing this coming week.  It seemed to take forever.

I will be following this remodel with updates and photography [of course] as it goes along on The Little House Remodel blog.  Yes, a little blog about a little house getting a face lift and addition.

I'll get a link put on the sidebar for anyone who wants to visit things once we get rolling along.

Of course I will eventually have a real kitchen to work in.  Wow, can you imagine?  If you've ever been in my kitchen ... if it can be called that, you know it is beyond tiny.

Gosh, what a disappointment that you cannot ask for a kitchen to be built that actually comes with chefs.

Alas, I'll still be doing the cooking.

I plan on designing some things myself.  Oh no, not structure things! Goodness, I couldn't hammer a nail straight at all!

I've got some things in mind for designing my own shower curtains, window treatments, and bedspread.
I am working on an idea for a computer space that will not take up the room it does now.

We'll be getting a complete makeover which includes a new roof, new siding, new windows, and new flooring. Oh yes and a larger bathroom!

Nothing too fancy of course.

Alas there goes my imagination again!

Now if some magical fairy would come in and wave their wand over the poor collapsed garage, our place would look awesome.
But the garage is yet another project.  I think we'll have to look at that mess for a while yet.

Well there you go, as long as Kurt [Crooked Creek Construction] says he can do it, we are on....

Let's hope for a very mild December!

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