Sunday, November 29, 2015

And so holiday decorating begins

I guess I start decorating things just after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I wait a few days [depending on my schedule] and sometimes I can't wait to get at it.

I moved the Christmas Chair to a different spot this year.  We finally got rid of that butt ugly orange-brown recliner that hubby got from either a grandmother or some far off distant relative.  Let me say I think it was a 1970's model.  No one except Morris really used it.

This year Morris won't have to get used to another spot for his crate, it can stay where it usually sits.  I think that will make him happy.

I purchased some battery operated LED lights that are on a thin wire this year.  I thought I'd try them.  They actually work wonderfully well.

I decorated a dresser top last night and this morning took a shot of it lit up.

Those little bitty lights are really bright!  

Yesterday afternoon I washed windows and walls.  I didn't feel like doing it, but it is the normal thing I do in preparation for putting up some decorations.  Besides, I'd held off washing the windows because I thought I'd have nice new ones by now.
Well, I can see out of the old ones!

This year I'm using not just the old wooden chair, but the Red Mule Crate and the Hillbilly Soda crate which are also both wooden and both pretty old.

Today is the last day of Gun Deer Season, hubby is out hunting and has spent almost every day of the season so far out in the woods.
He did get a doe on opening day.

I can't wait for the season to be over so I can hike the creek and look for frozen water encrusted grasses and other beautiful things.

I took these of the frost this morning.

I love the intricate designs that frost makes. I took these on the north side of the big shed.

And lastly, a couple of shots of the eagle I saw on the way back from recycling yesterday.

He was pretty far away and the zoom on the camera I was using wasn't the greatest, but there he/she was!

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