Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Lost in the Woods

Well, not really.  I don't get lost in the woods, it is more like I lose myself in the woods.

I lose sense of time in a way.  I leave the outside world and all of its problems far away.  Instead I see tracks in the mud, I see fungi, I see the land and the forest...the shape of the trees now that they have no leaves...and I am happy.

When I started my walk the skies were overcast.  I was searching for a buck that may have been wounded on the last day of deer season.  Hubby lost the blood trail and so I decided to scour one of the sections of hillsides above the creek.

I took only my pink pocket camera and my varmit rifle.  I crisscrossed the hillside above the creek.  I followed deer trails, found deer beds, and even jumped up a fawn.

I didn't find the missing buck, but I can say that it is a darned good excuse to go back out and hike as many little trails as I can find.

I got back and did some things with hubby.  We put the side covers on his skid steer and I watered the large stock tank.

Then it began to lightly snow.  I went in the house and let Morris out.  He had been 'trapped' in the house for gun deer season also.
It was time he was able to get out and enjoy some fun.

I told hubby that I was going to take Morris for a walk and do the round about thing to get the mail.  Hubby knows that this means another hike through the woods.
After all, I can hardly stand to just walk straight up the driveway to get the mail!

It began to snow. 

I know Morris didn't mind at all.  He enjoyed every moment of it.

He is the most excellent trail companion as he can find even the most difficult deer trails.  Plus he always knows a short cut to home.

It was enchanting, the snow fell and slowly turned began to turn the ground white.  The forecast 'said' we'd only get about 1/2" of the stuff.

None the less, it made for a beautiful landscape.

We did eventually get to the road and get the mail.  The neighbors were out so Morris and I stopped to say hello.

We headed home just in time to do chores and eat supper.

After all, we were not lost, we were just side tracked for a while.

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