Saturday, December 05, 2015

Morris and me

This year has been a bit bizarre to say the least.  It seems that there has been very little time for the two of us to explore the woods like we are used to.

Well, things are coming along a bit better now and the December weather is also pretty mild.

So Morris and I got out for another hike this week.  He about turned himself inside out when I started to put my gun belt on and packed the camera case and zipped it up.

He started to bump me with his nose and run in circles whining.
He certainly wasn't going to let me get out of the house this time without him.

I sighed, it was going to be muddy and sloppy and I would have a very dirty little Jack Russell, but those eyes were pleading with me.  I could not say "No".

Off we went.

We got into PeeWee's valley and found a sunny spot along the creek.  
It was much cooler along the creek and in the valley.  It was downright cold when we walked in the shaded parts.

Of course the sun doesn't shine along the whole north facing section of the creek during the winter. Lucky for me! 
Even when the temperatures on the ridge are in the 40's, I was able to find some spots along the creek where ice had formed on the grass just above the flowing water.

Morris sat patiently on the bank above me when I climbed down into the creek to take this shot.

He bounded off as soon as I turned back and climbed back up the bank.

We got to an open area that is called PeeWee's Camp Ground.  This area is mowed each summer so that PeeWee's nephews can come and camp out for a week. The rest of the land has been let go.

There hasn't been cattle on it for the past 10 yrs and some areas have grown so wild that it is hard to get through.

We turned around to head back home as the sun was dropping below the ridge tree tops and the shade was creeping into the valley quickly.

By the time we had gotten to our fence line, I could see my breath and frost was already gathering on the ground.

I stopped to look at the ice forming on the creek rock wall when I turned around to see this...

Lots of reflections in the water including Morris himself.

The late sun was reflecting off the water also, double bonus!

We hiked up the hill trail and things got much warmer. Plus we entered sunshine again.

As predicted, Morris was happy and mud coated.  I was content and smiling.

Morris and me.

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