Saturday, December 26, 2015

Back home for a bit.

Life away from home can be very hectic.  I like going on a trip but love coming home much much more.

One of the very first things I did was to hike down to my favorite spot along the creek bottom to see what the recent heavy rains had done.  There was a nice dusting of snow so the greens stood out so vividly.

It was Christmas Day so I had to wear my red and white hat that my mom had made for me ... um, well, back in the day... I think I was in Jr. High?

I love that hat it is so cheerful.

So while at the creek I took a few moments of time to toss rocks and make splashes.

It was kind of fun.  I set my camera on a 2 second delay [on a tripod] and then tossed the rock when I thought the splash would show up.

I got a couple of good ones!

I hurried home after that, I had to get the Christmas Lasagna ready.  We were going to my mom in law's apartment for dinner.  I provided the lasagna, she was making homemade ice cream.

After we got home I went to take care of our neighbor's dog, Dexter.  He was spending the night alone while his 'family' went for a family Christmas.

I think I made a new buddy.

This morning we went for a walk and Dexter did some posing for me.
He is a very photogenic dog.

Don't you think so?

He is a pug-something.  He is also very lovable and well mannered.

I'd like to take him out for a few more 'shoots'.  Ideally, it would be nice to have him and Morris meet so we could all go hiking together [of course I'd love to take his human mom with!].

I mean really, look at that face.
Isn't it handsome?

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