Sunday, February 16, 2014

She needs a break ~ By Morris

What a past few days it has been!  SHE is trying to do some things with this camera group thingy she belongs to.

So she gets all obsessed by wanting to take the exact right photo.  Huh.  
I nagged at her until SHE took me for a walk yesterday.
Time to leave the photo brain behind and relax and enjoy taking photos of me, her all time favorite model.


Of course it started to snow right away as soon as we got out in the woods.

The snow is over my stinkin' little head.  If I get off the trail, I literally have to snow swim.

Hey, don't laugh.  It is not easy with my magnificent height of about 12" to my back.  9" to my chest if you need to know.

First off to irritate her I usually need to find something buried in the snow.  We ALL know what I am looking for, especially if you've read any of my other posts.

I am looking for 'smart pellets'.  You know, the kind left behind by rascally rabbits, and deer.

A jack russell delicacy ... they ARE!

Find a prospective spot, sniff.
Then shove your whole face deep into the snow to get a good whiff of course.

Keep an ear out for HER...she may start something quick like hollering ....
Those every famous words that all good dogs will ignore....



But make sure you keep an eye peeled in case SHE comes to push you away from the delectable delights.

Then casually nibble on the forbidden goodies.  Lick your lips and enjoy.

Then when SHE starts getting upset, just sort of saunter away and ignore her for a a bit.
However don't ignore HER too long SHE can get ornery.

I can always resort to pretending to be cold.  I walk up and put my paws on her leg...look sorrowfully into her eyes and emit a wee shiver.

Works every time.
I'm scooped up.

Then I don't have to wade through all the snow!

Despite my best efforts, I think she may have sorta got the photo SHE was looking for.
But I think I really got her to relax and just think of fun for a while.

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  1. Yay for the smart pellets, your doggy friends in this household are so with you on this.... and don't tell anyone but the mini mule likes to eat sheep pellets on occasion.... icky!