Thursday, February 27, 2014

Best Adventures with Morris

It was really a bit cold for Morris to come along on my last snow shoe hike, but he is a determined JRT.
He doesn't believe in not being able to do something and he has a huge heart.

He is 10 this year and for the most part hasn't shown his age much except for the greying face and...well, he seems a bit more tired when we arrive home from any hike.

He found out quickly that the snow had a thick crust that would once in a while break with his weight and he'd go down buried...except for his head.  

He took the wise course and followed our blown in trail from the last time we hiked towards the creek.

While I set the camera up on a min tripod, Morris kept and eye and ear out for things.  The bottom of of the creek bed is littered with frozen tracks of raccoon, coyote, deer, and 'possum.  I can only wonder what he smells and hears.

The 'shooting' didn't go as well as I expected.  I spent more time carrying Morris when his feet got cold or he started shaking.
The reasons for his shaking could have been he was cold or coyotes were not far off.  It is the season for coyote mating and they are all around the woods during the day.

I didn't mind at all.
We did manage to find a few sunny spots out of the wind.  And I got some time to mess around looking for rocks, looking at ice formations, and exploring the creek bottom.

I did find another round iron concretion which I stuck in my pocket to take home.

The ice formations along the bank were pretty neat and hard to photograph while squatting in snow shoes with one foot in the water and balancing a light weight cheapo tripod.

But I enjoyed getting these formations.

The water seems to float right under the ice.  I just find it fascinating.

Back at the 'ice wall' I got another shot.  I was hoping for some real drama in the ice fall but that may have to wait until we have warmer days and cold nights.  The rain and snow melted covering the rocks in a huge lump except for one section.

With wind chills in the -28 and below range I doubt I'll get back down to the creek today.
I wanted to go along the western side of the creek and in our deep shadowed bottom.  It is out of the wind and full of interseting rocks.
But I had to leave that for another day.

The temps began to fall and the winds began to get stronger.

Morris and I headed home.
He spent the rest of the day snuggled into a sweatshirt of mine on the couch.
He had gotten worn out.

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