Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I like Ice!

I believe the temperature actually got to something like 8 degrees today.  So after finishing up with the farm chores I decided to grab the snow shoes and trek down to the creek.

Once down there I wandered around looking to see what sort of changes had occurred since my last visit.

The ice wall was incredible.  

Water seeps out of the limestone bank and slowly freezes in beautiful formations alongside the creek.
This is one of my favorite places to try and get some neat shots of ice.
I like ice.

Not the kind on the road that makes your car slip ice, cool ice


The water was flowing fairly well IN the creek but frozen over in other places.

I set the snow shoes up against a tree and set up the tripod in the creek itself.
After about 40 minutes of messing around in the creek I noticed that my fingers were getting rather annoyingly cold.
So were my feet.
Obviously I was standing still for too long.

I picked up the snow shoes and hurriedly packed up the cameras putting them carefully away in the backpack and started hiking quickly along the creek bottom.

When I hit the trail that leads up and out of the valley, I stopped to put on the snow shoes.  

Half way back to the ridge my fingers got warmed up and so did the toes.

I was anxious to see how some of my shots of the creek turned out.

Sad to say that I reviewed them and didn't care for them at all.

But the ice shots took the day and made it worth half frozen fingers and toes.

If the temps EVER get back above 10 degrees, I'm going to hike back to the ice cave.

Tomorrow?  The high of 4?

Shot from about 3 years ago of the 'ice cave'.


Nope, doesn't look like I'll be taking my more sensitive equipment out.
But I could still go exploring in the valley out of the wind.

Or I could try some still life shots.

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