Thursday, February 06, 2014

It is all about fixin'

I often wonder what makes a person want to 'fix' something that can be more easily replaced.  I'm not that handy, but I can fix things.  My husband is the "fixer upper" extrodinar or some such thing.
He will fix anything.
Even those things that should be just replaced.
He bought a new handle for the old rusted falling apart storm door and then found out it wouldn't fit.


By golly he was 'gunna' make it fit.  I wondered aloud why he was picking a day that it was only 8 degrees outside to hold open the door and work on it.
I wondered silently why he bought a NEW handle for a door that was in shambles anyway.  Couldn't a nice cheapo storm door worked nicely?

Ahhh.  Out came power tools.  The scream of metal being drilled through assaulted my ears.

There were multiple curse words.  More metal screaming.  
More drill sounds and more curses because now the handle was in but wouldn't latch to the latchy thing because the door frame was ... I dunno, NOT right somehow.  So now he makes a shim to put the other latchy thing on and viola, it latches.

Then the screws weren't proper for the door.  Nope, they didn't look right or some such technical type thing.

More drilling, hammering, cursing, slamming and opening ...and shutting the door while the cold air drilled through the house.

Finally, with a huge big smile Hubby turned to me to show me how great of a job he had done.
He showed me that I could push the little thingy and the latch would unlatch.

I admired his wonderous handywork.  The poor door looks more sad now that it did before the fixin'.
It has holes in it from drilling.  And works no better than the pre-fix.

But I was amazed and in awe of course. 

Then I went for a walk to the creek.

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