Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lines Lines, Everywhere a Line

So our assignment this week was on leading lines in 256SOG.

I watched as many folks posted beautiful shots of perfect lines.  Many photos involved sidewalks, bricks, buildings, alleys, people, benches, and parks.

I was pretty sure that my lines were not straight nor correct.  But the nature of our area geographically makes for an interesting study of 'lines'.

For our terrain really doesn't have a straight line.  It is all about gentle and steep curves.

I can think of one stretch of road in the 30 miles I travel to work that has an actual straight line.

So there was my dilemma.  How to find a photo that represented leading lines.
I was walking with Dixie in a snowfall when I thought to take this.

The cornrows were curving lines.  The ridge road was curving lines.  The fence was futile attempt at making a straight line.

Then Sunday as I was walking up the driveway to meet my neighbor I glanced over into the woods and was startled to find the following lines in the trees and their shadows.

Now here are lines!

I had to take the shot. 
To me it was just curious and interesting that I had happened upon such perfect lines in our crazy hills.

Rarely do the shadows line up properly like this.
And generally only once during the winter do I get a 'find' like this.

Enjoy my 'lines'.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, those shadows are very alluring in the bottom picture. We too have few straight lines and are governed by the laws of nature, wouldn't have it any other way :-)


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