Sunday, February 02, 2014

Winter Dull-ish-ness

Even the deer are having issues with this weather, as well as the other wildlife.

I went out at 2pm yesterday to look for 'shots' that would qualify for my weekly assignment in my Google+ group 256SOG.  I'm doing this to better my photography skills and doing some interesting studies in black and white.

Oh, this winter world is SO black and white!

The milkweed seemed to be the only weeds standing in the Meadow.  Perhaps they were the only ones not blown down or weighed down by the deep snow.

I know they will drop their seeds when the time is right. 
They still make a beautiful plant even in the dead of winter.

[Also a very important plant to the Monarch Butterfly!]

As I headed home I did find a bright colorful spot.
Wild Rose Hips.

So there, the day was not a complete waste.

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  1. I've been enjoying your black and white series, you've got some great shots. The faces you put up earlier and these milkweeds are my favorites so far. That little splash of color at the end sure was nice to see though.