Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Mine says Morris.

Happy Valentine's Day for those of you who celebrate it.

Morris would like to present you with his Valentine's Wishes.

He was a very good little fella, posing for these different shots for 
'his kids'.  
He likes to send cards out to his special friends.

In 2008, we had one of the most memorable and wicked snowstorms ever.

I recall deciding not to drive anywhere and got out my snow shoes to walk up the driveway and see what the ridge looked like.

Here is a shot of the driveway.

When I did get to the top of the hill I stood on a snow drift and reached down to my feet to check our mail.

You read that correctly.  I reached down to check the mail.  The snow drifts on the ridge were so packed that I could walk on them with snow shoes.

Today the sun is shining and it is NOT snowing!  Since the end of December it seems like we've had snow every day or every two days.
We've had one to two inches at a time.  Thankfully...not yet, no large storms!

According to the National Weather Service, things are going to get a bit more volatile.

So weather aside.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


  1. Yeah, lets not talk about the weather!

    Happy Valentine Morris, you certainly are a sweet valentine:)

  2. Yikes! That is some snow drift. Darling Morris your Valentine's wishes brightened our soggy and windswept day :-)

  3. Morris sure is a sweetheart. Those drifts must have been something to have to bend down to get the mail. That is some driveway you have.

  4. Lori, it is way past 20% as far as steep grade goes.
    Yes it is difficult in the winter. So many times I park out on the ridge so I can walk out to my vehicle.


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