Friday, February 21, 2014

Tired of Winter yet?

After a 1/2" of rain yesterday afternoon that melted a lot of snow, the temps began to drop rapidly and by dark things were pretty quiet.

We'd apparently dodged the blizzard that hit just across the river.  But the gravel roads had turned into pure ice.
We like our isolation, but rain on cold gravel roads = instant ice.

My husband used the skid steer to try and chew some of the ice up on the driveway.  He has ice picks on his tracks and said there was no way a vehicle was going up our hill.

When I awoke this morning, it was because of the sounds of howling winds hitting the house.  Our house lays in a protected pocket. 

The snow is blowing sideways outside right now.  The winds are wicked and howling.

Most of our critters have gone down into the woods to avoid the winds and blowing snow.

I'm grateful for the snow that we did get this morning and overnight.  It will add a bit of stickiness to the glaze of ice in the pastures.

Our Dexters are laying on their fodder pile this morning, cozy, out of the wind and chewing their cud.

Seems the animals are taking the weather in stride.

I don't think I am.
I think I am tired of ice, snow, and the wicked winds.

Although it can make for some rather beautiful black and white photo ops.


  1. The photos sure are beautiful. They'll look even better come August when we are whining about the heat. Right now, I've sure had enough of winter as well.

  2. No kidding. At least I can put on goggles, face mask and stocking cap!
    In the heat, you can only take off so much!

  3. What a great collection of photos. You know what I think about this winter!!!! And today we have your howling winds (with bright sunshine).

  4. Oh I'm with you about the winter, so over it now! But it has provided the perfect backdrop for these beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!


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