Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy week!

Yesterday I went to town to pick up a bag of dog food for hubby's hound dogs.  While at the store, I ran into Santa!

I saw the Nikon D3100 on sale and the Canon EOS T3 on sale.  Oh my heart be still.  But today the prices were back UP on them.  Guess I didn't need either too badly.  My Nikon D40 has 8,012 shots on it.  A record I think?

The Canon Camera would accept my film Canon lenses.  That is nice.  The Nikon would fit my Nikon lenses...sigh...

Then I spotted something I couldn't resist.  I took them hiking with me while trying to bounce deer out of their hiding spots for hubby.

He did get a doe though, so this season wasn't a waste.  He also saw a lot of deer but couldn't get any good shots.

I was happy to have a camera along to take photos.
Two favorites:
and Deer Hunting Season is over.  And I can walk around the woods more freely without the blaze orange or hearing bullets flying.

Today I hike 1.83 miles with an elevation change of over 350 feet.  That is a lot of ups and downs!


  1. Lovely pictures! Maybe santa will be very kind with the camera?! Glad you're safe to enjoy a hike or ride without dodging hunters -much more relaxing :-)

  2. yes i certainly can't wait!