Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not Much Wednesday

Just a bit of messing around today.  I took a photo of my husband's Allis Chalmers sitting in the side yard looking rather pathetic.  
I thought I'd try a technique called Photoshop to Drawing or DTG.

Of course I didn't do the proper version of it, I had to mix it up with an layer of texture from Shadowhouse Creations.

I didn't actually do a real line drawing as I let some color seep back into it.
I'm not sure I'm done with this or will just scrap it all together.

Tonight Morris got to meet the new member of his toy box crew, Hoppy.

His first reaction was to grab Hoppy by the nose.
Typical Morris!

Tomorrow looks like a good day for getting some decorating done and some fresh air with perhaps a hike?
My snowshoes and over the lens goggles arrived Monday!  Now, let it snow, let it snow...let IT snow,...but not until after my trip to visit my family!

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