Thursday, November 29, 2012

Decorating and Posing by Morris

It is that time of year again where SHE gets all goofy in the head and makes a complete idiot out of me and herself.
She thinks I 'like' putting on the red scarf and sitting all pretty while she runs around dragging 'who knows what' out of the closet.  

Oh yeah dear...
that tree that you have to put together?  

Sure ~~ it looks so real I'd pee on it by mistake.  Give me a break.

Then SHE gets all of my Toys and dumps them out of my Basket!  She lines up some of my toys and takes a photo of them for what?  Oh like they are going to help?

I run over and bash the whole pile in.

It makes her face turn red and then she laughs.  This is not going to be a hiking day.  Not a day for me to run in the woods and eat deer pellets, pills.
SHE simply seems to be just plain ol' happy.  I cannot even make her grumpy.

So I decided to wear the stupid red scarf and take advantage of the situation.
I know if I sit and pose, I will earn a treat.

So yeah,
tell me...
who is smarter now?


  1. Very amusing - but has SHE read this yet?

  2. SHE has and HE is a pill!

  3. Hehe Morris you are just too brilliant! Loving you in that red scarf... you must continue to outwit the humans ;-)