Thursday, November 08, 2012

Getting a mule to pose with a toy?

Getting a mule to pose with a stuffed animal.
Not easy.
Mules don't pose on purpose.
Mules sometimes don't even care what you have. However most mules are very curious and will check out something different in their pasture.
I got lucky with Sunshine today, but had to have a very fast camera to capture ONE good shot!

I placed the toy tiger on the log.  Nikki, the donkey walked right over it, giving it a mere glance.

At first Sunshine ate leaves around the toy.
Then I shook the toy and squeaked its little squeaker.

She then came up and looked at it.  She smelled it.  Then checked it all over...

Then decided that she should taste it.

No stuffed animals or mules were injured in the photographing of this project....
But I'm glad no one saw me trying to convince a mule to play with a stuffed toy!


  1. Ha! I knew the tasting part was soon to come!

  2. Those pictures are just brilliant!! Oh the trials of getting mules to pose... thank goodness they are so nosey!! Sunshine looks lovely :-)

  3. Yes thank goodness most equine have a very curious attitude about them!