Saturday, November 17, 2012

Opening Day for WI Deer Hunt...

So here it is the opening day of the big gun hunt.  Well, I don't mind the season so much ... but I do dislike opening morning quite a bit.  The woods surrounding us are crowded with hunters all eager beavers. 

And it is THE morning for sure that I get the honors of doing chores.  [Oh yeah, I'm honored to say the least.]  How come is it that this is the 9 days out of the year that my husband can actually roust himself out of bed before dawn and actually make coffee?  Not only that, he can be out in the woods by pre-dawn also!  Wow!

So I head out to do chores, I feed the hounds first to make them quiet, but each time a shot goes off, they bark...  Sigh.  One shot to the north of our place...then bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.  I count 5 shots?  Come on Mr or Mz Hunter, if you miss the deer knocking out 4 more rounds isn't usually going to help.

Then I start chuckling.  An image of a Deer in SWAT clothes laying in wait for the Hunter comes to mind.

I finish up feeding the critters who have all been moved much closer to the buildings so they shouldn't be mistaken for anything else.

The hoar frost this morning is gorgeous, there is no wind so the air is filled with a cool misty frosty...well like a fog but not a fog.
Well, after I hang out my laundry, I'm headed to town.  Need to pick up books I ordered for Christmas gifts, need to pick up my order of calendars and cards along with some groceries.

Maybe I'll attack some cobwebs and vaccum when I get back. 

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