Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't Diss My Vehicle

So I went to pick up my Jeep after having it towed to a one man garage.  Heck the brother owns the towing company the other brother fixes vehicles.  He has always done a great job taking care of anything we bring him and he is thorough and reasonable in his pricing.

I sure can't complain and was extremely happy to have the Jeep Liberty back in my possession.  The next stop was the tire shop where I'd purchased struts and tires from in June.  At 7,000 miles I was showing tire wear and I didn't think I should be.

The shop owner insisted on the phone earlier in the day that there should have been no issues with putting struts and tires on... and that I hadn't asked for an alignment.  I did.  But that was a mute point.

So I brought the Jeep in and the fellow that did my struts put the Jeep up on the rack and put the computer thingies [I know technical term] on the Jeep's wheels and checked for alignment.  This after I insisted once more with him and the shop owner.

Well lo and behold.  The front end was seriously out of line!  Now I stood with the shop owner and said something like...'So, I asked for it to be checked on June 26th and that wasn't done.  I had to come back because the right front strut wasn't right...'  Long pause.  'And both times I asked about alignment and was told it was all right.  How is it supposed to be ALL right if no one checked it?'

Shop owner watches the mechanic light up a cutting torch under my vehicle to get at the bolts to adjust the alignment.

Shop owner suddenly agrees with me and suggests that the tires be rotated too...

Meanwhile the mechanic is underneath my Jeep crabbing about Chrysler products and generally 'dissing' my vehicle.  He says something about why don't we take it to a Chrysler dealer ... he knows one outside of town.  Hubby says 'WHAT?' and offers to take the Jeep right off the rack.
The owner doesn't hear this exchange, but the shop owner and my husband have done business with each other for over 25 years.

The mechanic then tells me that I should just toss my Jeep and get something good like a Ford.  Okay that does it.
I tell him if he wants to continue to trash talk my vehicle [hubby just told him that this was my baby]...that I'd gleefully take my business elsewhere and recommend that everyone I know do the same thing.

I'm paying him and the shop to do the work and I didn't have to hear his crap.  I told him one more comment and I was going to kick his ever-loving a$$.  My husband quips at this point that yeah, she will do it.   I stand all 5'3.5" to the mechanic's 6'4".

He grabbed his tools and got busy.
Jeep Liberty aligned and rotated.  No hourly shop fee.  

I like my Jeep that I bought from my son.  I don't mind the repairs, because once done, they are good for a long while.

Next up, the rocker panels are waiting for me at the body shop and the windshield needs to be replace.
All in time for Christmas!

I LIKE my Jeep Liberty.



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  1. That mechanic would be fired in the shop my family owns....Stan