Friday, November 16, 2012

The Day Before Deer Hunting...

...and all through the house it was quiet... could even hear the ol' fella snoring...
...dreaming of BIG Bucks 
...he dreamt of big Antlers
...a prize winning trophy
...such as never seen before...
...bold and beautiful
...handsome and strutting.

Yeah, then I woke up the great hunter and asked if he wanted some coffee.  He said I ruined his beautiful dream.
But we had animals to move closer to the buildings and chores to do, tree stands to check on, and last minute preparations for the annual WI 9 Day Gun Season.

The first few days I don't like to go outside much.  Too many anxious hunters in the surrounding woods looking to shoot anything that 'sounds' like a deer.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against deer harvest.  I like venison.  I have issues with those hunters who just shoot and wound and don't bother finding their deer.

Tomorrow is opening day.  Blaze Orange will be the outfit of choice.


  1. Good luck to your hunters!! Our season starts after Thanksgiving.

    Found you by clicking NEXT BLOG! So glad I stopped by, you have a great set up.

    Happy hunting, happy Friday!